Delphin Druelle - the poster child for bad crowdfunding

The face of a Liar


The purpose of this page is to illustrate the dangers of kickstarter 

Mr delphin has successfully raised over $60,000USD but failed to deliver on either project. Visions of thousand eyes is now 2 years late with no end in sight and Tavern trouble is over 6 months late with no word from the creator in 6 months. 

since being confronted Delphin  deleted the eclosion games website, changed all his social media's to private and vanished from kickstarter. 

over 40 people have been promised refunds for over a year .....

delphin would like to extend the print and play to all of those scammed by this project

stop ignoring all the people you took money from you giant douche  


Hello hello, sorry for my late reply. I just sent an  update with some infos. I'm fixing a banking problem with Stripe on the  pledge manater. Do not worry, the physical game is on track with the  schedule. We are reviewing the design and files for the manufacturer  right now.

Mar 8 2018 on Tavern Trouble, the smashing fantasy card game for everyone  

March 2018........ nearly 12 month's of reviewing for a simple card game



Visions of a thousand lies (October update)

  Posted by Delphin Druelle (Creator)   18 Comments       30 likes     Hello all,   

First I want to thank you all for your patience and for some nice and supportive comments I received. 

I'm going to lie to you, times are hard. Real hard. Regarding the  project, I still have elements of the book to recover, it is a task  that takes time (and it's psychologically heavy). I find myself in a  difficult place due to having so much money in my bank from kickstarter and not having enough places to spend it  

Second point, I received some messages insulting me, spreading lies  about me and harrassing me and my wife on social media. Please note that  i have no intention of completing either project so leave me alone you bastards.  following remarks and the adoption of behaviors (call of threads with my  former and past employers, threats on social networks, defamation on  other projects, etc.) whose only objectives and consequence is to  degrade the physical health and psychological balance of my person but  especially of my wife and my entourage. I think the two incriminated  individuals will easily recognize each other. 

If I have been unreachable for several weeks both on social networks  and other ways, it is precisely to avoid these attacks.  I know it's my fault that the project takes so much time to be  delivered to you (as you may know, my computer has been stolen a few  months backs and that led to severe complications) even though the project files were already with the manafacturer ...... but these behaviors  are disproportionate, inadmissible and of course moderately frowned upon I myself have clarified and explained my troubles to the  incompetent authorities and Kickstarter.  

Have a good day, 


 Delphin DruelleCreatorover 1 year ago

Hello backers, 

the book and other elements went to printing process today. normal printing time is about a year per book so chill out

Thanks for your money and have a nice day, 


 Delphin DruelleCreator10 months ago

Hello backers, good news today: 

we are working with a new manufacturer and the printing phase is going to be ready by 2040

Because  we are a few months late, some of you may have change postal address or live in space by the time we ship.  We'll ask in a future update if you've change your address in order to  not have problem with the shipping. space shipping will be an option. i promise, i'm the most trust worthy person i know.

Tavern trouble is in big trouble




Hello backers, 

here are the lastest news for Tavern Trouble project: 

- the Card Game  is in reviewing session at the manufacturer (China). When the  production starts, the normal ETA for this is 5-6 years so dont panic

- the Digital Artbook will be finished by next decade..

- the Add-ons (t-shirts, art prints, ect.) will be an August project 2029.

- the Print and Play is available today for download (and for 1 month). To download the 2 files (rulebook and cards) please follow this Wetransfer link: and use the password [ youallarestupid ] <-----get it, its a joke because i am an awful person



ps  : please note that I'm not responding on social networks or Kickstarter  at the moment. I'm focusing on finishing the project as soon as  possible, i think its best that you all are left in the dark for the campaign to draw your own conclusions.

June News (not really news)
 Posted by Eclosion Games (Creator)   35 Comments       22 likes     
due  to many problems that I'll not explain here because those are not your  problems and i want to be as mysterious as possible, I had to rework all the game (from scratch). well i didnt have to but it seems like a great way to buy time for a bit. It's a very bad  time for me right now. I've collected all the files needed. The  manufacturer is ready to work on it. I have to set up the files for him this could take years,  it's gonna be done in the next two years. I'll focus first on the card  game and then on the other add-ons and bonuses. 
I apologize for my silence lately. but instead of fixing it ill just say sorry 

Sorry for the delays (March)
 Posted by Eclosion Games (Creator)   1 Comment       20 likes     
Hello backers, 
sorry  for the late reply. Since January I've been working on 2 jobs it's been  a crazy time. I know that I'm late with the late pledge system  Backerkit. I'm fixing a banking problem (with my bank and Stripe  operator) appearntly i have too much money from scamming kickstarter and it sould be fix soon I hope. Do not worry. 
Concerning  the physical game we are finalizing the design and checking all the  files for the manufacturer. heavy massive fucking delays on that side. 
Thanks and I'll do my best to keep you updated more often (lie). 
Delphin and the team board games kickstarter scam